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Plant cover in the deserts is sparse, with a considerable bare ground dotted by a scattering of individual plants. The monsoon lands have been extensively modified by human settlement and put to cultivation, and little trace of the original vegetation survives. Tropical rain-forests are typical to the equatorial regions.

In Malaysia and Indonesia rainforests cover large section of the countries, whereas in southern Sri Lanka and Java they have almost entirely replaced by agricultural landscapes where plantations of tea, coconut palms, and rubber trees cover the Mountain slopes and hills. The vegetation consists of evergreen, broad-leafed tall, 2ense, high-crowned trees of several species having a dense canopy above the floor because the region gets a high amount of precipitation throughout the year, and is constantly warm. The savannas and deciduous trees cover the ground, the subequatorial and the areas that lie in the rain shadow on the leeward slopes.

Importance of Vegetation

The mountains of southern and eastern Asia show a remarkable altitudinal zonation in natural vegetation. On the lower slopes are the broad-leafed deciduous forests, and on higher ground the coniferous trees occur. Elsewhere in the equatorial region in Malaysia and Greater Sunda Islands, Indonesia where the snow line is very high and moist-hot conditions predominate, the vegetation zonation is practically absent.

Soil classification is both complicated and subject to constant revision. Some part of the continent still remains un-surveyed.

Natural Vegetation and Wild Life Class 9 Important Questions Social Science Geography Chapter 5

In addition, the most commonly used current classification at the present time—that of the U. Department of Agriculture known as the Seventh Approximation— has not gained much acceptance in most Asian nations.

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  2. Essay about Wildlife and Natural Vegetation - Words.
  3. Importance of Vegetation.

The processes produce either the pedocals or calcium-bearing soils, or the pedalfers, the aluminum-bearing or nitro- gen-bearing soils. In simple terms, this division separates the basic soils from the acidic soils. Two fundamental soil-forming processes operate in the humid regions; podzolization in the cool, wet regions, and Laterization in the hot, wet regions. Soils in the tropical areas are generally lateritic, having varying degrees of red or black color.

Wildlife and Natural Vegetation

The soils are rich in aluminum and iron oxides, low in silica; are nearly structureless and generally of low fertility. Where the water-table is high, evaporation salts have accumulated in excess near the surface, the soils are alkaline.

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  • In the Mediterranean lands the pattern of soils is complicated. Eswar February 14, , pm Reply.

    Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Rubber, Coconut, Ebony, Mahogany, Palms. Neem, Shisham, Babul, Pipal, Mango. Mountain forests vary considerably along the slopes of mountain On the foothills of Himalayas, upto a height of meters, evergreen trees, Sal, teak, bamboo and cane grow abundantly.

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    On higher slope between 1, meters to 3, meters, temperate conifer trees pine, fir, oak, maple, deodar, laurel spruce, cedar grow. At the higher altitude of the Himalayas, rhododendrons and junipers are found. Beyond these vegetation belts, alpine grasslands appear up to snowfield. Trees Planted by community in their respected colonies.

    Natural Vegetation of Jammu and Kashmir

    Trees planted by forest departments to cater needs of community esp. Some light activities like tourism, fishing, grazing etc.

    Natural Vegetation Photo Essay

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